Upcoming Congress!!

Δραμινές Ημέρες Καρδιολογίας

Δραμα, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2023

Δραμινές Ημέρες Καρδιολογίας

Δραμα, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2023
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What we offer

Our Congress Services


Congress Planing

We will provide help with the planning of the congress.

Secretarial support of the event from the assignment, to the day of the conference with staff
of our company. Technology manager for digital content and financial manager for
monitoring of finances during and after the completion of the


Tickets & Bookings

Ensure accommodation in hotels in the area if necessary, but also airline tickets at special prices for group or individual travel.

Demarcation of kiosks with floor plan and supply of additional electricity and technical
support throughout the conference.


On-Site Services

Conference secretariat, with experienced company agents & executives.

On-hold cars to provide airport transfers for all guest speakers.

Supervision and security of the exhibition space.


Technical Services

Audiovisual equipment with audio and video capabilities, lighting, translation, sets, live
streaming, recording, technical support by our trusted associates.

Satellite connections with fiber optic infrastructure for transmission quality and economy.

Use technology in your event

Our high-tech offerings


Marketing Campaign

Conference advertising by email, magazine entries, digital marketing targeted campaigns.


Digital Services

Design and creation of website to support online registration, online payments, online poster submission and review system, live streaming platform.

We can also provide the creation of conference mobile application and a variety of innovative features.


Congress Branding Material

Letterheads, congress brand kit, conference posters, conference badges, advertising
conference banners.

Congress logo design along with digital branding material for websites, promotional emails and social media.

Modern times require Modern solutions
Live Streams & Webinars!

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Live Webinars


Live Q&A Sessions


Live Presentation & Camera


Mobile Device Support